White Castle Breakfast Hours, Menu, & Prices

White Castle Breakfast Hours & Menu: White Castle restaurant is known exclusively for its “Breakfast all day” theme. Yes, you heard that right; you can stop by a White Castle at any time and order breakfast, a shake, Sliders, or anything you like. This is the most favorable thing about this place.

Alternatively, if you are lucky enough to stumble upon a White Castle that’s open 24 hours, here’s what you can get at breakfast. (Scroll down for the full White Castle breakfast menu). Find out White Castle breakfast hours & menu, along with other interesting information about favorite menu items so you can keep eating the delicacies all day long.

White Castle Breakfast menu

White Castle Breakfast Hours

In White Castle, breakfast is available 24 hours a day, which makes it the perfect place for breakfast lovers. In other words, White Castle will serve you breakfast no matter what time you wake up. A wide variety of breakfast items are available around the clock in the White Castle restaurants. Saturday and Sunday morning breakfasts at White Castle are perfect for those who like to sleep in and be cozy during the weekends. They can just order online and move to the restaurant anytime to have their favorites.

Day Opening / Closing Hours
Monday 24 Hours
Tuesday 24 Hours
Wednesday 24 Hours
Thursday 24 Hours
Friday 24 Hours
Saturday 24 Hours
Sunday 24 Hours

It is important to note that not all White Castle locations are open 24 hours. Instead, some restaurants operate until closing time. To avoid any inconvenience, it is recommended that you check the official website or call your local White Castle to confirm their operating hours before visiting.


White Castle Breakfast Menu & Prices

It’s a must to try White Castle for breakfast if you’re looking for a delicious option! With the excellent breakfast menu, that eatery has something for everyone. Waffles, sandwiches, and Breakfast Sliders are some of the scrumptious items on the breakfast menu.

Breakfast Price
Sausage Breakfast Slider $2.69
Bacon Breakfast Slider $2.09
Bun, Egg, And Cheese Slider $1.89
Chicken And Waffle Slider $3.09
Belgian Waffle Sausage Slider $2.69
Belgian Waffle Bacon Slider $2.69
Mini Belgian Waffles $2.09
Sausage Toast Sandwich $2.19
Bacon Toast Sandwich $2.19
Original Slider With Egg And Cheese $2.09
Small Hash Brown Nibblers $1.79

*Price might change with location, addons

Combos Price
Breakfast Slider Combo $4.87
Belgian Waffle Slider Combo $5.47
2 Breakfast Sliders Combo $6.96
Breakfast Toast Sandwich Combo $4.97
2 Breakfast Toast Sandwich Combo $7.16
Original Slider With Egg And American Cheese Combo $7.56

*Price might change with location, addons

Drinks Price
Strawberry Banana Smoothie $3.19
Small coke $2.19
Small Diet coke $2.19
Small Sprite $2.19
Small Orange Soda $2.19
Small fruit punch $2.19
Small root beer $2.19
Small coke zero $2.19
Small cherry coke $2.19
Small lemonade $2.19
Small light lemonade $2.19
Small mellow yello $2.19
Small Dr. Pepper $2.19
Small Diet Dr Pepper $2.19
Small Fanta Craver Party Punch $2.19
Small Fuze $2.19
Small Fuze Zero $2.19
Small Coffee $. 99
Decaf Coffee $. 99
Hot Chocolate $1.29
Monster Energy $2.79
Spring Water 16.9 Ounces $1.59
Simply Orange $1.99
Small Chocolate Shake $2.89
Milk 8 Ounces $1.49
Apple Juice $1.49

You won’t regret waking up for White Castle’s breakfast menu! You’re sure to satisfy your cravings with varieties of breakfast items. On the menu are also Chicken & Waffle Sliders, Breakfast Platters, and Sausage Gravy & Biscuits that you must try. You’ll find something savory or sweet at White Castle, no matter what your breakfast mood is!


These are some combos you can try

Original Slider with Egg & Cheese and a side of Hash Brown Nibblers

A dilemma between breakfast and lunch led to the creation of brunch, a delicious in-between meal. It wouldn’t be necessary to choose between breakfast and regular sliders if hungry people could alter time to create an additional meal that allows them to eat breakfast and lunch at the same time. So rather than fries, opt for hash browns on the side. It is definitely worth the try.

Chicken and Waffle Slider

For a more traditional breakfast, you can opt for chicken and waffle sliders, as intended by the gods of breakfast and general tasty taste.

Breakfast Waffle Slider with Sausage and a Smoothie

You can also have an egg, cheese, and sausage sandwiched between two Belgian waffles (you can also add a little syrup on the sides). If you want to fuel up for the rest of your, strawberry banana smoothies can do it for you.


About White Castle

White Castle, a popular American fast-food chain, is famous for its signature square burgers. Founded in 1921 by Billy Ingram and Walter Anderson, the chain has grown to encompass 377 stores across 13 states, with a strong presence in the Midwest. Its corporate headquarters are located in Columbus, Ohio.

Aside from its iconic square burgers, White Castle also offers a variety of other menu items, including breakfast options, small French fries, soft drinks, and milkshakes. Their food is widely regarded as delicious and satisfying.


White Castle Customer Support

Office address:
555 Edgar Waldo Way
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Contact Page: www.whitecastle.com/contact-us

Customer Care Number – 1 (800) 843-2728


Final Words

We hope this article provided you with more information about White Castle breakfast hours & menu. It will be easier for you to plan your next trip to White Castle now that you know when it serves breakfast and what are the best breakfast items available on the menu.

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White Castle Breakfast FAQ

What is in the White Castle breakfast sandwich?

The delicious breakfast sandwich features 100% beef, tasty sausage, American cheese, and an egg to make it the perfect breakfast. It is served on a signature bun, ensuring to satisfy your cravings.

When did White Castle start serving breakfast?

The breakfast menu at White Castle is available 24 hours a day, so you can enjoy breakfast whenever it suits you! In other words, you can order pancakes, bacon, eggs, and French toast sticks at any White Castle any time you want.

It should be noted that certain menu items are only available for a limited time. So we would recommend you visit morning for breakfast.

Does White Castle serve breakfast all day?

Breakfast is served all day and night at White Castle! If you’re craving a quick, White Castle has something for you.

How many calories are in a White Castle breakfast slider?

White Castle Breakfast Slider (1 each) contains 16g total carbs, 6 g protein, and 150 calories.

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