Fairfield Inn Breakfast Hours & Menu

Fairfield Inn Breakfast Hours & Menu: Vacations are right around the corner, and if you are looking for a comfortable and convenient place to get your morning meals, then we got you the perfect place to eat, dwell and enjoy. Introducing Fairfield Inn for the delicious and authentic breakfast that you need to try.

Besides the meals, Fairfield Inn also offers warm accommodation that is just perfect for a vacation of all seasons. Its cozy and lavish ambiance enables you to create memories and treasure them forever.

You can put forth your needs and demands before the staff, and they will be more than happy to cater to all your requirements. And if you are an early riser or a night owl, it does not matter, as Fairfield is flexible with all the breakfast requirements. Now you can explore more about the Fairfield Inn breakfast hours and menu in the following parts.

Fairfield Inn Breakfast Hours

Fairfield Inn Breakfast Hours

Fairfield Inn provides a delicious breakfast with perfect cutlery, sound ambiance, and quality service that are worth the price. The breakfast at Fairfield Inn has flexibility for the guests, so it doesn’t matter whether you wake up early or late because you will get the food of your choice, beginning from Mexican to Thai, Indian to Italian, and whatnot. Your demand is their command, so you can eat and enjoy every bit of it without regrets.

Here is a table that enlightens you about the Fairfield Inn breakfast hours precisely for you to understand:

Day Breakfast Opening Time Breakfast Closing Time
Monday 6:00 am 09:00 am
Tuesday 6:00 am 09:00 am
Wednesday 6:00 am 09:00 am
Thursday 6:00 am 09:00 am
Friday 6:00 am 09:00 am
Saturday 6:30 am 10:00 am
Sunday 6:30 am 10:00 am

Fairfield Inn prepares breakfast early in the morning. Their breakfast is served between 6:00 am and 9:30 am from Monday through Friday. The Fairfield Inn Breakfast hours start from 6 am to 10:00 am, 30 minutes extra on Saturdays and Sundays. There is no change in timing during any of the holidays. With a simple call to the front desk at Fairfield Inn, you can get breakfast delivered to your suite.

Note: Fairfield Inn Breakfast times differ from region to region, depending on availability. So you can check with the hotels either in person or online for better understanding.


Fairfield Inn Breakfast Menu

When you stay at one of their North American properties, you can have oatmeal or yogurt parfaits along with the other items listed below until 9 am. In addition to cooked-to-order eggs, gravy, cereal, bacon, biscuits, fruit salad, and more, the breakfast buffet at this well-known hotel brand offers a wide range of choices.

With a focus on understanding the importance of breakfast for travelers, the Fairfield Inn breakfast menu is customized to meet the needs and tastes of all types of guests.

Here is the enticing Fairfield Inn Breakfast menu that is provided at the hotel. The food varieties are abundant, and you can choose anything you wish to dig into and enjoy a wholesome meal as your breakfast.

Fresh Fruit
Variety Of Juices
Scrambled Eggs
Fresh Fruits

Note: The breakfast items (food and beverages) will differ from region to region depending on the availability. So you can check with the hotels either in person or online for better understanding.


About Fairfield Inn

The Fairfield by Marriott brand is owned by Marriott International and is primarily aimed at the economy of midscale hotels. Guests who are willing to accept amenities for a lower price are targeted by these properties. Fairfield was founded in Georgia in 1987. Marriot International owned and franchised Fairfield restaurant. It’s not just delicious food you’ll find at Fairfield Inn but also a sophisticated ambiance.

Fairfield Inn is one of the prominent hotels in and around the world, with extreme excellence over the years. The hotel initiative is the biggest chain with enormous branches which offer comfortable rooms, staycation, lawn, party hall, and most importantly, food, with over 1195 branches worldwide. If you have never been to Fairfield, then it is the right time to visit and rejuvenate yourselves, as this is an ideal season.


Fairfield Inn Contact Details

No matter where you are from, we are here to present to you the contact details of different branches.

Tollfree: 1-800-228-2800

Contact Page: help.marriott.com/s/



All in all, this is a wrap to the article that focused on Fairfield Inn Breakfast Hours & menu. The article comprised everything that you had to know, so we hope you enjoyed it and found it quite helpful. Also, stay in tune with us for the latest updates.

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Fairfield Inn Breakfast FAQs

What does Fairfield Inn serve for breakfast?

Fairfield Inn serves most kinds of cuisines, beginning from Indian to Italian, Mexican to Thai, and whatnot. However, the food items differ from region to region depending on the choices of the people.

Does Fairfield Inn have free breakfast?

Fairfield Inn assures you that they provide complimentary, i.e., free breakfast to its guests. Additionally, the menu is occasionally revised while keeping the overall experience consistent. The breakfast options available now are healthier. Additionally, there are kid-friendly options like pancakes and Kellogg’s cereals on the breakfast menu. A good breakfast at Fairfield Inn and Suites consists of cereals and bread from your favorite brands.

What time does breakfast end at Field Inn?

In most Fairfield Inns, breakfast is available from early in the morning, though hours are subject to change depending on the location. So make sure to check the timings before you make a visit. The Fairfield Inn breakfast hours end at 9:00 am on weekdays and 10 am on weekends.

What time is breakfast served at Fairfield Inn on weekends?

The breakfast at Fairfield Inn on weekends is 6:30 am to 10:00 am. Some hotels may serve up to 11 am. These timings are subject to change with locations.

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