Best English YouTube Cooking Channels

When you’re looking for the best English cooking channels on YouTube, you’ll find a variety of different options. There are a number of popular chefs, such as Andrew Rea and Joshua Weissman, as well as smaller, more specific channels. In this article, we’ll discuss some channels and give their recommendations. Other popular channels include Mia and her sister Sienna and Laura Vitale.

Best English YouTube Cooking Channels

Andrew Rea

Having been a YouTube star for almost a decade, the English-speaking chef is widely recognized for his unique cooking styles. Rea’s recipes are also highly entertaining, a key reason why his viewers follow him around the kitchen. For example, Rea recreates a sloppy Jessica sandwich from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, instant mac ‘n’ cheese from OATH, and Moroccan pasta from Peep Show. Despite his success, however, he’s still getting viewers, even though he’s no longer making appearances in his videos.

The videos on Rea’s channel are packed with hilarious commentary, which makes them even more entertaining to watch. In addition, he tries a new recipe every other day and has millions of views, so his videos are more entertaining than ever. However, while his videos may be fun and easy to digest, they’re also extremely time-consuming. Although Rea started out as a one-man-band, he eventually recruited a business partner named Sawyer Carter Jacobs. The pair filmed over a thousand episodes and collaborated on more than one hundred recipes.

Besides recreating popular food from TV and movies, Rea’s videos are also a great source of recipes that are simple and easy to make. The chef gives detailed explanations of how to use ingredients in the recipe and why they’re used. While Rea is largely known for his movie-themed recipes, his YouTube channel has expanded to incorporate classic recipes and basic cooking. If you’re a movie buff, this is the channel for you!


Joshua Weissman

If you’re looking for great food recipes, consider following the YouTube channel of British chef Joshua Weissman. His channel has gained popularity among viewers for its use of spices and oils. His videos are mostly focused on fast foods, but he also creates interesting videos that break down complicated recipes. If you’re a bread lover, you’ll love his channel as he breaks down recipes into easy-to-follow steps.

Weissman has millions of subscribers and is a popular YouTube chef. His videos cover everything from the science of baking to the texture of food. The first few videos are cringe-worthy, but afterward, they become more engrossing. He even explains the science behind why certain foods taste better than others. He has a New York Times best-seller based on his recipes.


Laura Vitale

Laura Vitale is a popular Italian-American cook who has over 3.2 million subscribers on YouTube. Her videos are easy-to-understand, and her style is ideal for beginners, but her cooking channel lacks the spark of other channels. However, she has found success on other platforms, such as her own cookbook, Laura in the Kitchen. Here are some of her top videos:

Her videos are extremely funny – she is often witty and hilarious and is incredibly relatable. Her cooking videos are also easy to follow, even if you are not a native English speaker. Her quirky personality and cheap recipes help to make her one of the most popular English YouTube cooking channels. Although Laura’s videos are fun, you should take notes of the new vocabulary you learn. You’ll be glad you did!

Aside from the Dumpling Sisters, Laura In The Kitchen and Epic Meal Time are the best English-language cooking channels. Laura in the Kitchen is an Italian-American chef who specializes in comfort food. Her videos are easy-to-understand, and her dishes are incredibly tasty. While Laura hasn’t yet published a cookbook, she regularly dishes up new recipes to delight her viewers.

Aside from her videos, Laura in the Kitchen also has many helpful tips and techniques. Her videos are focused on home-style cooking, and Laura often posts a new video every two weeks. Whether you want to make a traditional meal or create a gourmet dessert, Laura in the Kitchen will teach you how to make it. It’s a must-have for any home cook who’s interested in creating authentic Italian meals.


Mia and her sister Sienna

The Fizz Sisters are one of the best English YouTube cooking channels. This channel was founded by Sienna Fizz’s parents, Darren and Georgie Fizz. Since July 2014, their channel has garnered over 38 million views and 90 videos. They feature food experiments, challenges, and “Make and Bake” videos. As of April 2017, they have over 480k subscribers.

Mia first appeared on her family’s YouTube channel, called The Fizz Sisters, which her parents created. In her first video, she discussed how to become a vegan and subsequently went on to star in a video about her birthday. Another video was a special birthday party, with Mia and her sister Sienna taking part. She has since released videos of her sister’s family gatherings.

Mia Fizz has many different types of videos – from DIYs to skincare tips and room tours. Her videos have been extremely popular on YouTube, and she’s been asked to make more! In addition to cooking, she’s also uploaded videos on skincare, relationships, and women’s everyday struggles. She also uploads Christmas videos to her channel. You can subscribe to their YouTube channel by checking out their profile.

While Mia Fizz is the best English YouTube cooking channel, her sister Siena Fizz is a close second. The two siblings are engaged and pregnant with their third child. The sisters’ YouTube channel has over 700k subscribers and more than sixty-five million views. They’re a very popular pair on the site, and their net worth is just too delicious! A little bit of background information about the two sisters.


Byron Talbott

Byron Talbott is a classically trained chef with a following of over one million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Before he began his YouTube channel, he worked for chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Thomas Keller. His steady job allowed him to create tasty recipes and share them with a large audience. His videos feature step-by-step instructions for preparing dishes. His recipes are suitable for amateur and professional cooks alike, and his enthusiasm for cooking is evident. His videos also feature healthy English food and are extremely well made. Many of his dishes look delicious, and you’ll want to follow his instructions carefully to see how to make them yourself. Byron’s videos cover all types of dishes, from breakfast to dinner and dessert. You’ll find everything you need to cook, from soup to dessert, in his videos.


Rachel and Jun

You’ve probably heard about Rachel and Jun, two YouTubers from Japan who have become very popular over the last few years. Jun was born in Nagoya and was an English teacher before he started his YouTube channel. Like many people who are not from Japan, Jun grew up speaking English and studied in the United States. This has given him the unique perspective of seeing Japanese cuisine from a different perspective.

These two YouTubers have been vlogging for over seven years. The channel started out as a hobby for the couple, who are now living in Japan. The couple has over 2.2 million subscribers, and their content covers everything from the language barrier to the culture of Japan. Jun and Rachel have a wildly popular channel, Rachel and Jun’s Japan! They also have a spin-off channel, Jun’s Kitchen, which has over two million subscribers and is very popular with Japanese audiences.

Jun’s channel also features cats. The three house cats appear in Jun’s videos and are often in the foreground. Jun also demonstrates knife sharpening and cat training, which makes Japanese cooking incredibly entertaining. The videos are often captioned in English. It’s easy to see why these YouTubers are so popular, and they have a lot of fans. So, why are Jun and Rachel so popular?

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