How to Save Money on Breakfast

Breakfast is most certainly the most important meal of the day. This is not just because it is the meal in which you break your hours of long fast that you begin right after you have your dinner. Breakfast is like filling your car’s gas tank before starting a long drive. This is because you need a lot of energy to stay active and energetic throughout the day.

Starting while waking up and ending while going back to your bed to sleep, you do a lot of things that require a lot of energy, ranging from physical activity to mental activity such as walking, running, learning, working, thinking, and so on. So, regardless of the kind of activity you require energy for, the common requirement is a good energy source. And the prime source for this energy at the start of the day is none other than breakfast.

Breakfast is certainly a very important element of energy supply to our body. Since mornings are usually a very busy time in our days, that affects the way we source our breakfast and the way we consume our breakfast. Oftentimes, we skip making our breakfast due to lack of time and other reasons, and for many of us, this has become a habit.

However, this habit of buying your breakfast from outside habitually can be an expensive ordeal. So, here in this article, we will be giving you some easy tips, which, if followed, will help you cut down on expense for breakfast significantly.


How to Save Money on Breakfast

1. Boil Your Eggs

Eggs are always a go-to when it comes to breakfast. Loaded with proteins and healthy fats, eggs can certainly be a good energy shot for you in the morning. Talking of eggs for breakfast, boiled eggs are certainly a good idea. Energy-efficient, cost-efficient, easily preparable, tasty, and power-packed, boiled eggs are one of the best breakfast ideas.

However, if you buy these boiled eggs on a regular basis from a restaurant or a café, they’re going to be a pretty expensive ordeal. If you are buying these boiled eggs from outside, you will have to spend somewhere around a dollar for each boiled egg, whereas, if you buy a dozen or more raw eggs and boil them all at once, you can keep them in your fridge and have them for breakfast throughout the week.

This method will help you cut down on breakfast expenses in a significant manner. Depending on your liking, you can make them hard-boiled, soft-boiled, or semi-hard-boiled. This can be easily done by adjusting the time for which you boil the eggs; just make sure that you throw them in an ice bath right after taking the eggs out of the boiling water.


2. Stock Your Freezer With Goods

If you do have a working condition fridge at home, there’s certainly a lot of savings that you can make with making your own breakfast. Rather than buying out every day for breakfast, you can just go to your fridge every day in the morning for breakfast if you are someone who is comfortable with such breakfasts. That is, if you’re comfortable with frozen – defrosted – cooked food for breakfast, this idea will work for you pretty well.

We are all pretty familiar with breakfast waffles, pancakes, burritos, muffins, etc. And we are also familiar with the frozen versions of these breakfast foods that can be availed of easily and cheaply from superstores and supermarkets. So, if you can set aside a few minutes in the morning every day to defrost these breakfast foods, these ideas can certainly help you cut down a few dollars on your breakfast budget.


3. Blend Your Smoothie Instead of Buying One Out

Breakfast smoothies have become popular breakfast ideas in the last couple of years. The steady inclination of people towards being health conscious and the increasing shortage of time that everyone faces in this busy lifestyle has made many of us switch to smoothies for breakfast. One other thing that popularized the breakfast smoothie culture was the morning gym and workout sessions, after which we started opting for kale, carrot, apple smoothies or mixed fruit, or mixed veggie smoothies for breakfast.

But this habit of buying a smoothie every day might not necessarily be friendly to your pocket. This might be making a major impact on your monthly budget. So, if you are a person who is habituated to having smoothies for breakfast or if you love to have fruit or fruit juice for breakfast, then buying a blender would certainly be a wise investment.

You can buy your monthly or weekly fruit and veggie supply altogether and store them frozen. You can have them as pure smoothies or blend them with milk. As we now have portable and travel-friendly blender-jets, which are do not cost that much too, this idea can be pretty ideal and feasible.


4. Savings on Coffee

Mornings tend to be usually lazy, and there’s nothing wrong with it. We cannot always make sure that we wake up fresh and sizzling with energy every day. We often do not get proper sleep, rest, or time with busy lifestyles and hectic schedules. This means that in many instances, we would love to get an energy shot in the morning that wakes us up, and for many of us, the energy agent of choice is caffeine, that is, coffee.

Some of us have coffee occasionally, while mornings are incomplete without coffee for the rest of us. There are people who cannot turn themselves on or just wake up without their daily caffeine shot, be it black coffee, milk coffee, or a latte. And hence the logic behind the word ‘bed coffee’ is self-evident. So, if coffee is a regular mandatory morning ritual for you, there is ample chance that you buy coffee from outside every day.

If yes, let me tell you, my friend, this habit is robbing you of a lot of cash every year, probably at least 1000 dollars every year. Whereas if you can switch from this and buy your monthly or quarter-yearly coffee supply all at once, invest in a coffee maker and regularly make your coffee, you can make significant savings on money spent on daily breakfast.

Also, as an act of supporting sustainability, say ‘no’ to the disposable coffee cups that you get every day with your daily morning coffee. You can invest in a permanent coffee mug, and you will be surprised by the impact you will make. Not only will you be able to get a discount for not asking for a coffee container, but you will also stop generating waste in terms of the paper or plastic of which the coffee cup is made.


5. Turn Your Leftovers into Breakfast Scrambles

Almost any leftover will taste good with egg, and it will be one of the best ideas to scramble these leftovers for breakfast. Be it leftover chicken, beef, or any meat, or be it leftover veggies, broccoli, or mushrooms, almost all kinds of leftovers will taste awesome when scrambled with eggs.

So, quit throwing away your leftovers and store them for the next day or maybe for a few days. They will probably be good for your next day’s breakfast and, at the same time, be good for your breakfast budget.


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